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National Edge Day - 2021-10-17
What is National Edge Day?
On October 17th, National Edge Day will promote a movement of young people taking a break from using alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs. This movement has been growing exponentially for the past two decades. The pledge is to live a clean lifestyle, which means abstaining from recreational and unhealthy food choices. Also, many of the followers of this movement abstain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The day also encourages the support of those who choose to live a Straight Edge lifestyle. Abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is not necessary for Straight Edge people. They may travel the world or have many other interests. They may be thrill-seekers or collectors of knowledge. Perhaps they absorb languages and music instead.
When is National Edge Day?
National Edge Day is a celebration on October 17th.
History of National Edge Day
In 1999, the Straight Edge movement began with a small event in Boston, Massachusetts. This event was called Edge Fest, and it helped launch the movement. The Straight Edge subculture, which originated in the hardcore punk scene, is a group of people who refrain from drinking, smoking, or using recreational drugs.
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