National Elephant Appreciation Day

September 22, 2021

September 22 - National Elephant Appreciation Day

What Is National Elephant Appreciation Day?

Elephants are one of the most majestic land dwelling animals that exist. Despite their size, they’re incredibly graceful and intelligent. Elephants form incredibly close bonds with their herds, much like humans do with their families. They’ve even been known to revisit the locations where herd members died. Elephants are under a lot of danger from poachers and hunters, and have become one of the most well known symbols for conservation of wildlife. There are two different types of elephants, Asian and African, but recent research suggests a third, the African Forest. There are very few differences between the species, but all of them are in danger and deserve to be protected and appreciated. On this national day, join in on some wildlife conservation efforts in your area, and help to raise awareness for this beautiful animal.

When Is National Elephant Appreciation Day?

National Elephant Appreciation Day is celebrated on September 22nd of each year.

History Of National Elephant Appreciation Day

National Elephant Appreciation Day has been celebrated since at least 1996 with the aim of raising awareness for the safety of elephants.


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