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National Emergency Nurse’s Day - 2021-10-13
What is National Emergency Nurse’s Day?
ER. Chigaco Med. Grey's Anatomy. TV shows and movies don't do justice to the hard work that dedicated emergency nurses perform in our most desperate times. That's why October 13th is a recognized tribute to these men and women working in our ERs across the country. Now more than ever, ER nurses and staff are gaining a small slice of the gratitude and acknowledgement they richly deserve. They're the frontline on the fight against COVID-19, help you when you are involved in a car accident, or are suffering from an injury. They'll hold your hand, comfort you, and care for you. Their service to our communities won't go unnoticed on National Emergency Nurse's Day. Show your "thank you" to these men and women on social media with #NationalEmergencyNursesDay.
When is National Emergency Nurse’s Day?
Our first-responders are recognized, thanked, and praised for their services to our communities. Their special day is observed on October 13th each year for National Emergency Nurse's Day.
History of National Emergency Nurse’s Day
The first National Emergency Nurse's Day was held in 1989 and it has been recognized on October 13th ever since. This national day forms part of Emergy Nurse's Week.
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