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National Espresso Day - 2021-11-23
What is National Espresso Day?
The first espresso drinks were made using an air pump machine designed as such so as not to cool the drink but still maintain enough pressure throughout its entire duration; I’ve seen those work up quite nicely if you ask me... The joys of drinking good ol' fashioned hot joe have been elevated beyond measure thanks to these tech-savvy innovators who are always coming out ahead no matter what happens around them - even if things take off right at their feet (literally).
When is National Espresso Day?
National Espresso Day is the perfect occasion to get your caffeine fix! Whether you're sipping one cup or spending all day long, November 23rd is a great time.
History of National Espresso Day
It was a dark and stormy night in Milan when Luigi Bezzera's invention, espresso coffee, came to fruition. His inspiration for this brilliant yet simple idea derived from combining his passions of steam coupled with that which we all know well: caffeine!
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