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National Ex-Spouse Day - 2022-04-14
What is National Ex-Spouse Day?
Today is a day to remember the good times you had with your ex. That’s right. You chose to be with them, so there must have been some good moments. Very few marriages end peacefully. And even those that do aren’t without conflict or regret. Complying with new divorce laws is an important part of the divorce process. If you are considering ending your marriage, some states require that you meet with a mediator before filing for divorce. This meeting will help you avoid many pitfalls that can occur after a couple splits. Some couples actually get along better after divorcing than they did while married. Sometimes, even in a friendly divorce, the experience can be painful and traumatic. Regardless of the circumstances, there should be a way to make the situation easier for the children involved.
When is National Ex-Spouse Day?
National Ex-Spouse Day is observed on April 14th!
History of National Ex-Spouse Day
Kansas City, Missouri reverend Ronald Coleman created National Ex-Spouse Day in 1987. He wanted to reduce the bitterness that often occurs in divorce.
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