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National Exascale Day - 2021-10-18
What is National Exascale Day?
The National Exascale Day campaign is a celebration of science and technology. Scientists and researchers use some of the fastest supercomputers in the world to make breakthrough discoveries. We like to say that National Exascale Day celebrates the big thinkers and dreamers in our country. These people have the technology to make their dreams a reality. In this new era of technology, everything will be impacted. We will have new ways of managing our health and manufacturing processes. We will gain new insights into how the universe works and how to harness energy, and we will even understand the origins of humanity. Exascale computing is defined as a quintillion computations per second. If all people on earth completed one computation per second, it would take over 4 years to reach a quintillion.
When is National Exascale Day?
October 18 is National Exascale Day.
History of National Exascale Day
CRAY, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, founded National Exascale Day to celebrate people who keep asking, “what if, why not, and what’s next?”, with the advanced technology to attain the answers. It also celebrates a new era of supercomputing that will enable breakthroughs in fields benefitting all of humankind.
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