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National Family PJ Day - 2021-11-14
What is National Family PJ Day?
This event was founded by National Family PJ Day founder Angela Riddell-Phelps back in 2019 so now you have an excuse not only if your loved ones don't want company while sleeping but also because both parties will feel more relaxed afterward thanks to some well deserved restful slumber. Imagine a day when you can wear your pajamas all day and not have to worry about what's going on outside of it. We do this in our house sometimes, where we don't even bother with cleaning or doing any chores because who really cares? It gives us time for bonding! I think everyone should go ahead and take one pajama-day very soon before their lives get too busy again."
When is National Family PJ Day?
On November 14th, the world celebrates everyone's favorite day of all time: Pajama Day! You can't go wrong with wearing your cozy PJs all day.
History of National Family PJ Day
Soma® founded National Family PJ Day in 2019
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