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National Farmer’s Day - 2021-10-12
What is National Farmer’s Day?
Vegetarian, meat-lover, fruitarian: it doesn't matter. Our food comes from farmers who grow, harvest, raise, and supply our food aisles with their produce. And, farmers don't just bring us fresh food. They also support the manufacturing, tourism, marketing, and retail industries. We also rely on farmers for products such as leather goods, cotton clothing and textiles, the beverage industry, restaurants, food markets, forestry, pharmaceuticals, and more. On October 12th, thank your local farmers. Learn about the farm-to-table process, the origins of your favorite foods and ingredients, and how to better support your local farmers through farmers markets. Share your favorite experiences on social media with #NationalFarmersDay.
When is National Farmer’s Day?
Meat and veggies don't grow in supermarkets. On October 12th, we honor the hardworking farmers across the USA for their harvests, sacrifices, struggles, and countless hours of toiling.
History of National Farmer’s Day
We haven't learned the exact origins of National Farmer's Day on October 12th, but we'll be sure to update this as soon as we do.
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