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National Fast Food Day - 2021-11-16
What is National Fast Food Day?
Fast food is always there to provide you with a quick and delicious meal. You can get your favorite menu staples like burgers, fries, tacos--the whole gamut of American cuisine at just one stop! The first online food order was a pizza from Pizza Hut in 1994. The customer had ordered the appetizing pie on America Online back when it was just getting started and they were still figuring out how to work their new technology!
When is National Fast Food Day?
This year, National Fast Food Day falls on November 16th. What better way to celebrate than with some of America’s favorite fast foods?
History of National Fast Food Day
When the first fish and chip shops opened in 1860, they were an instant hit with society. The fried seafood became so popular that by World War II people all over Britain could be found enjoying it on average three times per week!
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