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National Fire Pup Day - 2021-10-01
What is National Fire Pup Day?
Did you know that dogs were used as working dogs as far back as the 1700s? They were used to pull carriages for the fire department. Dogs have long been more than just companions for us. Dalmatians were the first dogs to be used as fire pups: they’re naturally high energy, have long legs, and are obedient. Over time, different dog breeds were introduced as mascots and companions in firehouses. Fire pups have been used in search and rescue missions, to detect the causes of a fire, and guard the firehouse. What better way to honor these magnificent creatures for their heroism than by giving them their own national day! National fire pup day is the perfect way to give back and spoil these four-legged heroes for all they do. You can show your appreciation by donating to your local fire department - a treat for the furry mascot of the firehouse will be welcomed.
When is National Fire Pup Day?
National Fire Pup Day is celebrated on October 1st.
History of National Fire Pup Day
While it is unknown who first founded National Fire Pup Day, we will continue to research its origin.
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