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National Flash Drive Day - 2022-04-05
What is National Flash Drive Day?
National Flash Drive Day is a great opportunity to highlight the tiny but incredibly useful flash drive. It has made data storage and transfer extremely convenient and has evolved over time to get even better. The earliest flash drives had only 8 MB of data capacity, but today they can hold up to 128 GB. Back in the ’80s, Toshiba engineer Dr. Fujio Masuoka invented flash memory. The technology was named ‘flash’ because it erased data quickly, like a camera’s flash. The technology found its way into floppy disks and disc drives, but was later enhanced to store information on cell phones and personal computers. Flash drives are now available in storage capacities that are about 1,000 times larger than they were just a few years ago. They are also available in cool shapes, such as hamburgers, noodles, animals, etc.  
When is National Flash Drive Day?
National Flash Drive Day is observed on April 5!
History of National Flash Drive Day
April 5 is the anniversary of the USB flash drive. This invention changed the way we store and access important files. It's a convenient way to save, transfer, and backup data.
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