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National Flip Flop Day - 2021-06-18
What is National Flip Flop Day?
By now, it's the middle of summer and everyone is trying to beat the heat. And what better way than to wear your favourite flip flops! They're easy to slide on and off and keep your feet super cool and not sweaty. On National Flip FLop Day, treat yourself to a brand new pair or show off an old favourite!
When is National Flip Flop Day?
National Flip Flop Day is observed on the third Friday of June.
History of National Flip Flop Day
National Flip Flop Day was created in 2007 by Tropical Smoothie Cafe to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Every year on this date, customers who wear flip flops to the cafe receive a free smoothie. The cafe also raises funds from the sales of a $1 paper flip flop to send to the charity Camp Sunshine.
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