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National Floral Design Day - 2022-02-28
What is National Floral Design Day?
The first official day on which we celebrate the art of floral design is upon us. From early gardens and historic arrangements to contemporary bouquets and floral arrangements, we can reflect on flowers that excite us and the special meaning they bring to our lives. Floral Design Day is a fun and creative way to celebrate the beauty of flowers and the people who make them. It's also a great way to learn about different types of flowers, their benefits, and how to take care of them. There are many ways to celebrate Floral Design Day. The holiday is meant to recognize the hard work of florists. It also celebrates the beauty of the flowers they work with. There are approximately 400,000 different kinds of flowers in the world.
When is National Floral Design Day?
February 28th is National Floral Design Day!
History of National Floral Design Day
National Floral Design Day was commemorated in 1995 by the governor of Massachusetts.
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