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National Florida Day - 2022-01-25
What is National Florida Day?
Florida: It’s affectionately known as “the sunshine state.” The state of Florida has much to offer, and golf is no exception. With more than 1,300 golf courses, the sport will never be in short supply there. Florida is widely known for its hot weather, sunny days, and very mild winters. This has made it a welcome haven for retirees from all over the country who want great weather year-round. In 1900, Florida adopted its official state flag. The flag features a red cross of St. Andrew on a white field. In the center is the Florida state seal showing a Native American woman scattering flowers, a steamboat, land, and water with the sun rising over them all.
When is National Florida Day?
During National Florida Day on January 25th, the 27th state joins the United States. It is home to the oldest city in the country, St. Augustine.
History of National Florida Day
The holiday was created to honor Florida, but it has no connection to any significant event in the state's history.
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