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National Fluffernutter Day - 2021-10-08
What is National Fluffernutter Day?
Fluffernutter's a treat that'll transport you straight to your childhood. A fluffernutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. The stickier the better! We can thank Archibald Query for the marshmallow fluff in 1917 in small-town Massachusetts. Marschmallow fluff was first mentioned in The Yummy Book cookbook in 1940. Marshmallow fluff officially became Fluffernutter in the 1960s - and Americans have celebrated this delicious sandwich for decades. In fact, the first marshmallow fluff festival was held in 2006. National Fluffernutter Day thanks to Archie & Co. for their creation. Celebrate by having a Fluffernutter for dinner. You can mix it up and add chocolate and bananas for a new taste sensation.
When is National Fluffernutter Day?
Celebrate National Fluffernutter Day on October 8th every year.
History of National Fluffernutter Day
There is no known origin of Fluffernutter Day, but we will continue to research this day.
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