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National Food Bank Day - 2021-09-03
What is National Food Bank Day?
Did you go to bed last night with a stomach full of food? 42 million people – including 13 million children – face hunger and food insecurity every day in America. National Food Bank Day brings attention to this struggle and rallies people to contribute to their local food bank programs in their community. Millions of families and households don’t qualify for federal nutrition programs – and they rely on food banks and food programs for support. There isn’t a community anywhere in America that’s not affected by people struggling with hunger and food insecurity. National Food Bank Day raises awareness of the need for communities to support these programs. Donate to your local food bank or volunteer your time. You can also contribute essential food items to food banks.
When is National Food Bank Day?
National Food Bank Day is recognized on the first Friday in September with the aim of encouraging people to contribute to this cause.
History of National Food Bank Day
This national day was founded by St. Mary's Food Bank to recognize the efforts and contributions made by food banks countrywide.
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