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National For Twelves Day - 2022-04-12
What is National For Twelves Day?
On the 12th of April, we will celebrate a very special number: 12. It is a magical number in many ways. We divide our days into two 12-hour periods, and we buy 12 eggs or 24 roses, for example. We also have 12 months in a year. This is a very special number because it has exactly twelve unique factors. Every sport has its heroes, and those heroes always wear the number of their choice. They are the players who are remembered for their achievements. For example, Joe Namath, John Stockton, Jim Kelly, Dwight Howard, and Terry Bradshaw are remembered for their achievements.  
When is National For Twelves Day?
On April 12th, the nation will honor a spectacular number that has meaning in several ways.
History of National For Twelves Day
The Hawaii Sea Hawks started National For Twelves Day in 2019. It is a day to honour the fans' loyalty and support that inspire players on the team all season long.
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