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National Forget-Me-Not Day - 2021-11-10
What is National Forget-Me-Not Day?
So often we forget about the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make to keep America safe. The number of injured soldiers returning from deployment increases every year, and funds are needed to provide medical care and support to these soldiers and their families. National Forget-Me-Not Day remembers these soldiers and their families and raises funds for their rehabilitation and support. The Forget-Me-Not Flower is worn on this day to symbolize remembrance. You can celebrate National Forget-Me-Not Day by supporting disabled veterans. Donate to the organizations that support veterans and volunteer your time if you can. Wear a Forget Me Not flower and post your pictures on social media using #ForgetMeNotDay.
When is National Forget-Me-Not Day?
We celebrate National Forget-Me-Not Day on November 10th every year to recognize the physical sacrifice of soldiers returning from deployment.
History of National Forget-Me-Not Day
Judge Robert S. Marx founded National Forget-Me-Not Day in 1921 after being injured 3 years before.
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