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National Fortune Cookie Day - 2021-07-20
What is National Fortune Cookie Day?
The fortune cookie is a thin, crispy cookie folded around a small strip of paper with a philosophical message or corny joke on it. They are usually served at the end of a Chinese meal but were actually invented in Japan where the fortune was tucked neatly on the outside of the cookie. The cookie made its way to America in the 1800's and exploded in popularity during World War 2. Celebrate the fortune cookie by learning how to make your own! If cooking isn't your thing, you can try making some out of origami paper.
When is National Fortune Cookie Day?
On July 20th, Americans celebrate the sweet and crunchy cookie that accompanies our favourite Chinese take-out with National Fortune Cookie Day.
History of National Fortune Cookie Day
We have not been able to find the creator of this national day.
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