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National Fossil Day - 2021-10-13
What is National Fossil Day?
This day is not only for Americans, but anyone who wants to learn more about these ancient organisms! National Fossil Day is celebrated on October 12, which marks the anniversary of President Theodore Roosevelt'servation at Mt. Kisco in 1902 when he first saw fossilized footprints that were over one hundred million years old! It was also during this event where our country agreed to protect them under law for all time-to come (The Antiquities Act). Today we celebrate these amazing creatures by honoring National Fossil day each year with educational opportunities available through museums like The American Museum Of Natural History who sponsor programs centered around paleontology and science education across its divisions including medicine.
When is National Fossil Day?
National Fossil Day is celebrated on October 12.
History of National Fossil Day
The National Fossil Day was established in the United States by the National Park Service during 2010 as a celebration and partnership to promote fossil-related values.
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