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National Fragrance Day - 2021-03-21
What is National Fragrance Day?
Spring is here! And with it comes National Fragrance Day. On March 21st, let your favorite scents lift your mood or take you far away. Have you ever been transported back in time by the smell of a loved one’s perfume? Or perhaps it was the smell of baby powder on a newborn that sent you reeling back to the days when your child was an infant. Maybe it was a combination of ginger and molasses, and suddenly you were in your grandmother’s kitchen. Fragrances are strongly associated with memories. For example, freshly cut grass is strongly linked with summer. Thunderstorms are associated with damp air and the scent of sulfur when lightning has struck. The smell of warm spiced pies and cookies often brings to mind winter holidays. Your memories are often linked to those you have loved. Your first love may have worn a special perfume, or perhaps your uncle who taught you to tie intricate knots smelled like cedar when he told war stories. While we may often take a trip down memory lane by looking at an old scrapbook, this time let's remember our favorite scents. Perhaps it will stir up memories that were long forgotten or feel like they happened in another lifetime.
When is National Fragrance Day?
National Fragrance Day is an annual celebration observed on March 21.
History of National Fragrance Day
In the 1980s, perfume manufacturers created National Fragrance Day to celebrate scents. They wanted to emphasize how scents could improve our lives.
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