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National Freethought Day - 2021-10-12
What is National Freethought Day?
Observed annually on October 12, National Freethought Day promotes freethinking based on facts, science, logic, and reason. The date - Otober 12th - harks back to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. People were persecuted and executed with questionable evidence and supposed eyewitness accounts of others acting as the devil. Massachusetts governor William Phips wrote a letter to put a stop to the use of "spectral evidence" - and this brought an end to the Salem Witch Trials. Up until Governor Phip's action on October 12th, 20 people were executed. His letter saved the lives of hundreds of people. The Salem Witch Trials did continue, but those convicted were pardoned by Governor Phips' logical thinking on the matter. This day encourages people to make decisions and opinions of their own using critical and logical reasoning based on science, reason, and fact.
When is National Freethought Day?
National Freethought Day is observed on October 12th each year by freethinkers and secularists on the anniversary of the effective end of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.
History of National Freethought Day
National Freethought Day has been promoted since 1997 by a number of organizations, such as the Freethought Society, American Humanist Association, and Secular Coalition For America.
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