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National French Toast Day - 2021-11-28
What is National French Toast Day?
On National French Toast Day you should take time for some good old-fashioned France-style nourishment: freshly made bread dipped into hot milk and eggs then pan-fried until golden brown with butter before sprinkling on sugar liberally! While the traditional French recipe for pain perdu is now an elaborate food with toppings that include maple syrup or jam. Popular additions are peanut butter whipped cream yogurt ice cream nuts bacon!
When is National French Toast Day?
On the morning of November 28th, people across America celebrate National French Toast Day by enjoying a delicious piece or two.
History of National French Toast Day
The story of French toast has been around for centuries. Records show that a similar recipe can be found in Apicius, which was published during the 5th century BC and written by an unknown Roman cannibal chef! The Romans would dip bread into milk (sometimes with eggs) before frying it to make “Pan Dulcis” - translated from Latin as "the feast pleasing."
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