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National Fried Rice Day - 2021-09-20
What is National Fried Rice Day?
Fried rice is a delicious dish made of, well, fried rice. A typical recipe for fried rice takes some rice, vegetables, protein, and spices, and mixes them all up in a wok. It can be made with chicken, beef, or shrimp, and the vegetables can be anything you'd like. The beauty of this dish is how adaptable it is to all tastes and desires, and is the perfect meal to make on a night when you have no energy to come up with something creative. With the incorporation of eggs, fried rice becomes sticky and delicious. Absolutely any flavour combination can be turned into fried rice!
When is National Fried Rice Day?
National Fried Rice Day is celebrated on September 20th of each year.
History of National Fried Rice Day
National Fried Rice Day was founded in 2018 by Benihana, to celebrate what they believe is the foundation of every meal they serve.
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