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National Frozen Food Day - 2022-03-06
What is National Frozen Food Day?
These days, the frozen food aisle is an essential part of every grocery store. However, it wasn't always like this. Clarence Frank Birdseye II was the first person to invent the flash-freezing process. But his invention wasn't the first time that people started trying to preserve food. Celebrate National Frozen Food Day with a variety of frozen food. Start your morning off right with a waffle (for breakfast) or burrito (for lunch). Then, for dinner, have a delicious pizza, and finish the day with ice cream for dessert. Enjoy!
When is National Frozen Food Day?
National Frozen Food Day is celebrated on the March 6!
History of National Frozen Food Day
On March 6th, 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared the 6th of the month “Frozen Food Day.” This day is meant to celebrate frozen food and encourage people to buy it. So, go buy some frozen food for dinner!
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