National Garage Sale Day

August 14, 2021

August 14 - National Garage Sale Day

What Is National Garage Sale Day?

A garage sale is typically held when the seller is preparing to move houses or is trying to declutter their home. As a buyer, garage sales are great for finding bargains on used clothing and items, and are a great way to give old and unwanted items a new home to prevent them from ending up in a landfill. As a seller, garage sales help to free up some valuable space in your home that is being taken up by stuff you no longer need or want. National Garage Sale Day encourages us to let go of some of these items, as hard as it may be sometimes.

When Is National Garage Sale Day?

The second Saturday in August is National Garage Sale Day, and is the perfect time to declutter your personal space.

History Of National Garage Sale Day

C. Daniel Rhodes noticed that his neighbours were having an awful lot of garage sales, on all different days. He figured coordinating them all on one weekend would be extra convenient for everyone, and thus National Garage Sale Day was born.


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