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National Garden Meditation Day - 2021-05-03
What is National Garden Meditation Day?
Every year on the third of May, National Garden Meditation Day encourages everyone to take time for one’s self and relax. Meditation can have many forms. It can be loud or quiet, active or still, and in a garden or anywhere else. The soul is restored when we are in nature. If you have a garden, it can be a relaxing place to meditate. There are many benefits to meditation. When you add in some greenery, it also gives you some direct experience with nature. Natural air – You get fresh air immediately. Natural sounds – You can hear birds singing, a fountain flowing, or the wind in the trees. This helps you escape from everyday noises such as television and radio. Vitamin D is a natural dose of the sun’s bounty. It keeps you healthy and strong, but you have to be careful to stay safe. Wear sunblock or protective wear when you go outside, because too much Vitamin D can be bad for you. Some experts say that meditation is like taking Vitamin D. Connecting with nature helps people rest better, even if they are working in the garden or pulling weeds.
When is National Garden Meditation Day?
National Garden Meditation Day is observed every year on May 3rd.
History of National Garden Meditation Day
National Garden Meditation Day is part of the Gifts from the Garden Every Day in May.
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