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National German-American Day - 2021-10-05
What is National German-American Day?
Did you know that up to 17% of the American population has Germanic roots? This means that roughly 50 million people in the U.S have German-American heritage and have contributed things such as hotdogs, kindergarten, and car manufacturing to America. The thirteen German Mennonite families who first came to America in the 1680s also brought with them Christmas, Easter, and everybody’s favorite, Santa Claus. A little-known fact is that there have been seven American presidents with German ancestry. With all this culture and heritage, it is no wonder that Americans celebrate National German American Day. This National German-American Day, why not celebrate this fascinating day by visiting a museum, hosting a German dinner party, or even just learning more about your heritage. Take a moment to think about what these German families contributed to America, and how their influence can still be seen today.
When is National German-American Day?
National German-American Day is celebrated on October 6th, which marks the anniversary of the thirteen German Mennonite families landing in Philadelphia in 1683.
History of National German-American Day
Founded by then President Ronald Reagan in 1983, National German-American Day is celebrated annually with a presidential proclamation to celebrate the German American heritage that so many people share.
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