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National Get Funky Day - 2021-10-05
What is National Get Funky Day?
Each of us has our own definition of what it means to be funky. Whether it is dressing up in a bright outfit to bring joy to others or telling a joke to make someone laugh. National Get Funky Day is the perfect day to celebrate happiness and positivity. If you're the type of person who lives their lives according to routine and structure, this day is the perfect time to ditch your schedule and celebrate life. It can be a slight change, such as wearing a brightly colored tie or socks instead of your usual plain ones. Anything that will make you break away from “normal” and get you feeling positive and happy. On National Get Funky Day, go dancing with friends, throw a party, or even just go out of your way to spread happiness wherever you go. There is no wrong or right when it comes to how you choose to celebrate, as long as it inspires positivity.
When is National Get Funky Day?
National Get Funky Day is celebrated on October 5th annually.
History of National Get Funky Day
National Get Funky Day was founded in 2017 by Funkytown Fitness in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The focus was to bring happiness and positivity in an otherwise dreary time in the lives of those who were affected.
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