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National Get Over it Day - 2021-03-09
What is National Get Over it Day?
In the US, every year on March 9th is National Get Over It Day. As the name suggests, this holiday is all about getting over our problems. It's a day to put aside any personal issues and focus on our own problems as a country. We all have things that hurt us. But we can’t let them take over our lives. We must learn to let go and move on. For example, sometimes we need to get over spilled milk or traffic. Even bad news such as being passed over for a promotion, poor grades, or an argument with family shouldn’t cause us to live in misery forever. Are you still angry about something trivial? It’s time to let it go. You have to forgive yourself to move on and feel better. How can you worry about what “if only” or “what if” if you don’t have any regrets? It’s time to embrace a more positive attitude.  
When is National Get Over it Day?
National Get Over It Day is celebrated on March 9th of every year.
History of National Get Over it Day
On February 15th, the Internet will celebrate Get Over It Day. The day was invented by Jeff Goldblatt, who had trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend in 2005. Goldblatt created this holiday to help other people get over their bad relationships.
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