National Ghost Hunting Day

September 25, 2021

September 25 - National Ghost Hunting Day

What Is National Ghost Hunting Day?

National Ghost Hunting Day is celebrated as the first part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt, an annual investigation of the paranormal world. The term ghost hunting often brings up images of abandoned homes or old and crumbling hospitals, but some ghost hunters prefer to delve into centuries old archives looking for records of paranormal activity. Others may enjoy looking in modern and public spaces such as parks, whether creepy entities may lurk. For many, the fun is in the mystery and the conspiracy. Paranormal hunters are often seen as loopy, but they are, a lot of times, at the forefront of architectural conservation efforts. On this national day, let’s try to see a little bit more into this interesting and overlooked hobby.

When Is National Ghost Hunting Day?

National Ghost Hunting Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of September.

History Of National Ghost Hunting Day

National Ghost Hunting Day was founded by Haunted Travels to kick off the Autumn season full of haunted attractions and creepy festivities.


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