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National Girlfriends Day - 2021-08-01
What is National Girlfriends Day?
August 1st is a special day for women to celebrate their friendships. In the U.S., many people already have plans, but it's a day that encourages women to make time for their friends. There are many types of women in your life. Some you grew up with, others you met at work or through school. They may be your sister or mother, but they're still your friends. These relationships are just as important as those you had since childhood. Even though you think about your girlfriends a lot, you don’t spend enough time with them. How about today? Your girlfriends bring joy and laughter to your life. They support each other, too. You can share secrets and advice, look back on the good times, and talk about what’s going on in your lives now. Girlfriends make life wonderful. They are the ones who can make you laugh at the littlest things in life. They're the ones you turn to in a time of need. National Girlfriends Day celebrates the unlimited ways that life is better with girlfriends in it.
When is National Girlfriends Day?
National Girlfriends Day is celebrated every year on August 1.
History of National Girlfriends Day
In 2002, Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield published a book called Girlfriends Getaway . In it, they proposed a holiday for September 20th to celebrate friendship. National Girlfriends Day is now celebrated by millions of women.
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