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National Girls Night - 2021-09-22
What is National Girls Night?
National Girls' Night offers the perfect time for women to get together and spend some fun quality time together. Amid our busy working lives, getting together with our girl friends is one of very few moments where we get to rest, recharge, and make new memories with friends that mean a lot to us. Girls' Night can be done in any way, shape, or form that you prefer. Organise it at someone's home, or at a restaurant, or even some kind of event like laser tag or pottery painting. The aim of the day is to let go of some stress and just enjoy yourself with a group of ladies who make you feel safe and secure, and just celebrate life and all its joys together.
When is National Girls Night?
Celebrate with your besties on September 22nd, National Girls' Night.
History of National Girls Night
Ketel One Botanical founded National Girls' Night in 2018 to celebrate the importance of female friendships and taking time to rest and recharge.
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