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National Golf Lover’s Day - 2021-10-04
What is National Golf Lover’s Day?
Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Think of golf, and you’ll immediately think of Tiger Woods. From putting in your backyard or driving range to playing international tournaments, golfers the world over share this passion for this exciting sport. Many think of it as untechnical and a simple sport. Watching it on TV or trying to hit a long shot at your local driving range will soon put that thought to rest. Golf is a challenging sport: even professionals practice every day to perfect their swing techniques and other areas of their sport. Different strategies can be used with a wide range of different golf clubs. Just selecting the right club for the right shot is a challenge that many golfers relish. On National Golf Lover’s Day, we celebrate the beauty and majesty of this gentlemen’s sport. Why not book a golf lesson? If you are already an avid golfer, try a new green or teach a friend about the sport on this special day.
When is National Golf Lover’s Day?
Keep your eyes peeled for flying golf balls on October 4th for National Golf Lovers Day.
History of National Golf Lover’s Day
While the origin of this day is not known, the first-ever U. S Men's Golf Open was played on October 4th, 1985. We will continue to research this day.
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