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National Goof Off Day - 2021-03-22
What is National Goof Off Day?
On March 22nd, everyone can have a little more fun. It's also called International Goof Off Day. It's a day to have fun and relax. Don't take work home. Tomorrow is another day. Everybody needs a break from time to time. We get so involved in our work and daily routines that we don't take the time to do an activity that will get our minds off things. Take a break, do something different, and leave the work for tomorrow. I like to take my brain for a walk. I like to play with seed packets, draw pictures of poodles in puddles in Peru, and stack spice jars at random. Or you could just stay home in your pajamas and do nothing.
When is National Goof Off Day?
March 22 is National Goof Off Day!
History of National Goof Off Day
Monica Dufour of Davidson, Michigan founded National Goof Off Day. It was first celebrated in 1976.
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