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National Got Checked Day - 2021-08-26
What is National Got Checked Day?
August 26th is National Got Checked Day. This is the day to ask yourself, "Am I doing enough for my health?" The question is friendly and simple. If you answer, "YES!", you are inspired to do more. Early detection of breast cancer is beneficial, but it is also important to start taking care of your breasts earlier in life. The best way to avoid breast cancer is to start building up your defenses early. The first step is understanding your family's history of the disease. Then you can create a healthy balance between exercise and nutrition. Next, develop your spiritual health, mental health, and purpose in life. Finally, set goals for yourself. National Check Yourself Day is a reminder that people of all genders need to take a good look at their lifestyles and make a few healthy changes.
When is National Got Checked Day?
National Got Checked Day is observed on September 26th!
History of National Got Checked Day
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