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National Grab Some Nuts Day - 2021-08-03
What is National Grab Some Nuts Day?
Nuts are awesome! They come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, tastes, and can be used in basically anything! From the simple peanut to the exotic pistachio, nuts are a family favourite and always will be. Add them to baked goods, salads, stir fries, turn them into nut butters and milks and use them in your coffee and on your toast. There is a never-ending list of ways to use nuts that delight and excite every time. Nuts are also extremely nutritious, and many of their nut oils can be used for skin, hair, and nails or even to cook with.
When is National Grab Some Nuts Day?
August 3rd celebrates all nuts under the sun! It's National Grab Some Nuts Day!
History of National Grab Some Nuts Day
We are continuing to research the origins of this national day.
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