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National Graduation Tassel Day - 2021-05-17
What is National Graduation Tassel Day?
National Graduation Tassel Day is a way of honoring students, their academic achievements, and the start of a new journey in their careers. Each year, thousands of proud family members and friends gather in auditoriums and stadiums to witness their loved ones receive their graduation certificates and begin the next phase of their journey.
When is National Graduation Tassel Day?
Every year, on May 17, we celebrate National Graduation Tassel Day.
History of National Graduation Tassel Day
The most well-known symbol of graduation is a mortarboard hat with a dangling tassel. The tassel also displays the colors of the institution. According to tradition, the brand new graduate moves the tassel from right to left when their name is called before they go on to the stage to receive their anticipated diploma. This tradition started some 50 years ago!
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