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National Grain-Free Day - 2022-02-21
What is National Grain-Free Day?
As of today, February 21st, is National Celiac Awareness Day. Millions of Americans suffer from auto-immune diseases like Celiac disease. It's an incredibly common disease that affects about 1% of the population. But it's also misunderstood because people think it's just a food allergy, but it's really not. People with Celiac disease are unable to digest wheat, corn, or rice. So, they can't eat most things that other people eat. There is no reason to ignore the needs of people with dietary limitations. Everyone deserves to be acknowledged, especially on national holidays. That's why February 1st is National Gluten-Free Day. It is a great way to honor the difficulties of eating gluten-free while bringing families together in the kitchen.  
When is National Grain-Free Day?
National Grain-Free Day on is celebrated February 21!
History of National Grain-Free Day
In 2019, Siete Family Foods founded National Grain-Free Day.
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