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National Grand Marnier Day - 2021-07-14
What is National Grand Marnier Day?
Grand Marnier is an alcohol that has been in circulation from the 1880's. It adds a delicious citrus twist to cocktails and desserts. The alcohol was invented by Alexander Marnier-Lapostolle. He spent 10 years trying to perfect the recipe and when he finally succeeded, he'd created one of the most expensive liquors on the market. Give some thought to all the creative ways you can use Grand Marnier in food, desserts, cocktails, and more.
When is National Grand Marnier Day?
July 14th honours Grand Marnier, a citrus flavoured liquor.
History of National Grand Marnier Day
Despite the popularity of this expensive liquour, we are unable to find the origins of this national holiday. We will be sure to keep you updated on all our discoveries.
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