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National Grandma Moses Day - 2021-09-07
What is National Grandma Moses Day?
On the 7th of September, National Grandma Moses Day commemorates the birth of Anna Mary Robertson Moses. This talented artist is celebrated every year on her birthday. Anna Moses began her career late in life. She’s an inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue a creative career, but hasn’t started yet. Moses was primarily known as “Mother Moses” or “Grandma Moses.” She was especially inspirational since she began painting at the age of 76. Mrs. Moses was a prolific painter. She turned to the medium in her 70s, after arthritis made embroidery difficult. Her work depicted pastoral scenes of small-town and country life. Mrs. Moses sold her paintings at a local drugstore, so travelers often saw her work. In a world where art is a commodity, a collector recognized a true artist. Moses was then recognized by the Museum of Modern Art as an artist. Her popularity grew and MOMA put on a one-woman show. Then, Mrs. Moses began to acquire a large following. While she sold her work under the name Mrs. Moses, the media dubbed her “Grandma Moses” and the name stuck. Grandma Moses was a famous artist during her lifetime. She broke attendance records at art exhibitions all over the world. The famous magazine LIFE featured her on the cover of its September 16, 1960, issue as part of her 100th birthday celebration.  
When is National Grandma Moses Day?
National Grandma Moses Day is celebrated on September 7th!
History of National Grandma Moses Day
In 1960, Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York, proclaimed September 7th as Grandma Moses Day in honor of the centennial birthday of the prolific artist.
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