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National Greasy Food Day - 2021-10-25
What is National Greasy Food Day?
Hide your scales. Don't count the calories. Today we're allowed to enjoy greasy food: Happy National Greasy Food Day. Pizza, burgers, fried chicken, nachos, fries, hot dogs, bacon, hash browns, sausages, buffalo wings, fried butter balls: are you already licking your lips? Of course, these are not the healthiest food choices, but for one day a year, you should indulge your desire for greasy food. Share your favorite recipe or greasy food on social media with #NationalGreasyFoodDay.
When is National Greasy Food Day?
National Greasy Food Day is observed on October 25th annually and is marked with frying oil, triple-layer burgers, and oily fingers. Tuck into your favorite greasy food today!
History of National Greasy Food Day
The history of National Greasy Food Day is uncertain, but as soon as we have the low-down we'll update this page.
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