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National Gumbo Day - 2021-10-12
What is National Gumbo Day?
Each October 12th, gumbo is cooked and enjoyed around the country for National Gumbo Day. This heavily seasoned, savoury dish originated in Louisiana in the 1800s. Spicy, tasty, and delicious, it is no surprise there's a national day to celebrate this dish. Gumbo is made of a stock with meat or shellfish, a thickening agent, and seasoned vegetables. The list of veggies you should include is celery, peppers, and onions. The spicier the better. It is traditionally served with rice. It is best enjoyed with friends and family, too.
When is National Gumbo Day?
Not sure what to cook for dinner? The only thing cooking in your kitchen on October 12th should be a pot of gumbo. It's National Gumbo Day!
History of National Gumbo Day
We don't know the origins of National Gumbo day on October 12th, but we will update this when we learn new information.
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