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National Hanging Out Day - 2022-04-19
What is National Hanging Out Day?
April 19th is National Hanging Out Day. Machinery has made our lives more comfortable in every way. But it also consumes energy, and we've run out of non-renewable energy like coal and oil. It is damaging the environment. In order to ensure that our planet is sustainable for future generations, it is vital that we take measures to reduce energy consumption. One of the best ways to do this is by using renewable energy sources. This allows us to minimize our energy usage, which in turn contributes to cost savings, improved health for the community, and a safer environment overall. National Hanging Out Day is one of many holidays that encourages people to use renewable energy to dry their clothes. Instead of using the dryer, which consumes electricity, people are encouraged to hang out clothes in the sun or wind.
When is National Hanging Out Day?
National Hanging Out Day is a celebration held on April 19th annually!
History of National Hanging Out Day
In 1995, Project Laundry List and several other organizations established National Hanging Out Day.
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