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National Happiness Happens Day - 2021-08-08
What is National Happiness Happens Day?
Life is so full of difficulty and hardships and stress that it's often difficult to take a step back and realise that we're passing by so many happy moments that have made impacts on us. This national day encourages to acknowledge and appreciate all these little moments, and to even go ahead and create them for other people. If you recognise a happy moment today, take a second to fully bask in it, and savour it for as long as possible. And most importantly, try your best to be other people's happiness today.
When is National Happiness Happens Day?
On August 8th, National Happiness Happens Day, take the opportunity to appreciate all the little things that make you smile today.
History of National Happiness Happens Day
Happiness Happens Day was originally created by the Secret Society of Happy People under the name "Admit You're Happy Day". The date of August 8th was chosen to commemorate the first anniversary of the membership in 1998.
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