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National Have Fun At Work Day - 2022-01-28
What is National Have Fun At Work Day?
National Fun at Work Day falls on the last Friday of January! It's a perfect opportunity to put some fun into your workplace and make new friends or keep those you have in high spirits. National FAD was created as an event where employees come together over happiness and humor with one another - boosting team morale, gaining inspiration for work projects from each other (and even increasing productivity). I hope everyone has their own "Fun-A Whit" this weekend so they can enjoy themselves while getting more done than ever before!!
When is National Have Fun At Work Day?
The perfect day to get your mind off of work and into some fun! Celebrate National Fun At Work Day on January 28,
History of National Have Fun At Work Day
You never know what ideas, inspiration, or connections will occur when you take the time to engage in-office fun. National Fun at Work Day is all about boosting employee happiness and promoting a better work/life balance! No matter how you choose to spend this day (including no-work celebrations)it's definitely worth celebrating with your friends for an extra boost of creativity that we can always use more often than don't forget: "It doesn’t have be “funny" but should make people laugh."
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