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National Hermit Day - 2021-10-29
What is National Hermit Day?
Who doesn't love a good saint? St.Colman the Hermit is the Patron Saint of Ireland and he has an entire holiday in his honor! On October 29th, all you need are some rocks to make sure that your soul goes straight into heaven- no distractions allowed (or at least not for any sort of physical realm). Being a hermit is all about self-sufficiency. When you live out in nature and choose to be alone, it's important for your survival that not only can you provide yourself with basic necessities like food water shelter but also hunting/gathering skills as well as access to potable water so these things don't become scarce!
When is National Hermit Day?
National Hermit Day is on October 29th. For one day, hermits can embrace their innermost selves and feel at peace with the world around them!
History of National Hermit Day
On October 29th, St.Colman the Irish hermit died in 632 A.D and is remembered for his feats of strength while fasting against temptation!
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