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National Hero Day - 2021-10-08
What is National Hero Day?
What do Superman, Spiderman and Captain America have in common? They're heroes. A hero is anybody that you look up to. Heroes make things happen. They are kind, strong and brave. Who is your hero? A hero doesn't need to be famous - or rich. Or tall. Or wear a cape. Your hero might be one of your parents, a teacher, or a mentor. A hero is someone that inspires you to do better and be better. 2020 saw the rise of a new type of hero: medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff are the heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their efforts to curb the spread of the deadly virus have saved many millions of lives around the world. This year, celebrate National Hero Day by giving your hero a shout out on social media with #HeroDay. Be a hero this National Hero Day.
When is National Hero Day?
You can celebrate your hero on October 8th this year for National Hero Day.
History of National Hero Day
While we don't know who founded National Hero Day, it became a part of the national day calendar in 2020 to celebrate the real-life heroes who inspire us.
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