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National Hire A Veteran Day - 2021-07-25
What is National Hire A Veteran Day?
Every year, United States veterans leave the service in search of a normal, civilian life. Unfortunately, many of them have difficulties finding employment out of the service. On National Hire a Veteran Day, we encourage and remind employers that veterans are highly qualified for very many positions. The day provides an opportunity for our beloved servicemen to find purpose in other areas of society, and for us to show our true appreciation for them by assisting as much and as well as we can. Any employers looking for employees on this day are encouraged to consider any qualified veterans for the position, considering that their skills can be applied to many industries such as Cyber Security, Healthcare, and Management.
When is National Hire A Veteran Day?
National Hire A Veteran Day is on July 25th of every year.
History of National Hire A Veteran Day
Dan Caporale, founder of Our Heroes, is also the founder of National Hire a Veteran Day. He created the day in an attempt to spread awareness about the unemployment issue plaguing the veteran community and to call to action employers nationwide.
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