National Hole In My Bucket Day

May 30, 2021

May 30 - National Hole In My Bucket Day

What Is National Hole In My Bucket Day?

This fun holiday is in honor of the fun children’s song, There’s a Hole in My Bucket. The song originated in Germany. The song goes back and forth in a conversation between Henry and Liza. Henry needs to fix his leaky bucket. In each stanza, Henry asks Liza for advice. In the end, he needs a bucket to carry water to repair his bucket. While this annual event was inspired by a song concerned with fixing a leaky bucket, there are other ways to celebrate this day. We all know it’s a bit of a bummer when a once serviceable bucket gets a hole. But not all is lost. Holey buckets still serve a purpose. While they may no longer hold liquids (or hold them well), they do still maintain volumes of mass. Depending on where the hole is, it can do many other jobs. Have fun finding lots of new uses for your leaky buckets!

When Is National Hole In My Bucket Day?

On May 30th of each year, National Hole in My Bucket Day is observed.

History Of National Hole In My Bucket Day

We’ve been unable to find the origins of this day but go ahead and celebrate it anyway!


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